The Idea of You and I

The Idea of You and I

Who am I for you to see?

Through the net of experience,

something you may disagree,

or find in transcendence.

(Paranoia in its prominent stage.)

My brain in deconstruction;

a mode electrifying my fingertips.

Better for the greater reproduction

for the speech that doesn’t escape my lips.

He’s lookin’ at me up and down,

Summin’ me up to be his wife,

Fillin’ the gaps, considering where his world ain’t round—

But right now? I ain’t nobody’s life.

Now one plus one must equal two,

but a U isn’t in the equation.

Solve for X, take away a few,

leave it at that, without persuasion.

People say I've got these feministic views,

It’s nothing ‘less I’m givin’ you the cues.

But don’t hesitate, I’ll give you a good receipt,

just don’t come to me for the meal.

There’s something about feelin’ complete,

I admit, but for most, the sight just ain’t real.

The perception to constantly share

yourself with another— It’s tiresome;

a throbbing mind, a sore heart, more than most can bear.

But even through the treacheries the heart endures, they all succumb.

Iconic view of Cupid swayin’ in the trees,

swaddled in adoration.

Takin’ you down by the knees,

makin’ you fear another replication.

Innovation from the societal view;

All these politicians guarding the spectrum

delegating the judicial review,

who decides what becomes the rule of thumb.

You’ve got to minimize your thought process,

whether you take it by its threads, or suppress.

I’ll maximize my speech, fluidly, archaically,

writing everything down, chronically.

An interjection, that’s just nonsensical!

I’ll follow the steps, one by one, that’s the ground rule.

A cynical posture, what society dictates for you.

If you have a different methodology,

Or a variation in cultural anthropology,

educate me, with two words or a few.

Please, I implore you.

Love cannot be defined in a singular way.

The idea of you and I:

We are born.

We live,

whether it is propitious or unaccountable.

Then hastily,

We die.