The Birds

The Birds

The idea of intelligence is a construct,

a concept the society and culture weighs.

Ironic views for these iconic shoes,

takin’ me high and low of where I need to be.

It follows us, telling us

who we are, how we are,

dictating how it all depends

on the surrounding nature.

It’s like fightin’ with the trees

Losin’ your sap

For somethin’ unbreakable.

It’s like treading in the water.

It’s pointless;

You better swim the whole way,

Or not get in the water to begin with.

It’s selfish.

Can you blame him?

He’s got nothing but to please them.

Realize it.

You’ve got one shoulder to go lean on.

Certain of uncertainty.

where the leaders guarantee

a greater population.


conscious of the nation

Are you with it?

Feel the bright sensation.

Is there a reason for being the bird of prey?

Is it about the innate way

we spin and glide on ice?

Where we may fall through,

or we may fly away

into November skies,

where our beaks untie,

migrating, hearing the pleas

for the warmth of the equator—

Habitual signs of the seasonal glee,

this is where you want to be.