5 Apps to Take the City By the Hand

Do you ever feel lost in the far-reaching, crowded, and overall substantial size of New York City? Sometimes there’s so much going on it can feel a little overwhelming, so then you can’t decide what to do.

Don’t let this happen to you again.

There are modern day fixes to this vexing issue.

These are the apps dedicated to help you find your way through the city you love so dearly.

For the Inspiration Seeker: Qloo | Price: FREE

Dedicated to culture and entertainment, Qloo is the quickest way to find a new restaurant, book, movie, a new band, and then actually hear the buzz about that new area of interest based on other people’s likes (or “tastebuds”) who are in your network. You may hear about that new band playing at a show coming up soon at The Bell House. Or the latest review on the most recent Nicholas Sparks book. Or the hyped up trailer of the new Jennifer Lopez movie that looks awful but you’re going to see anyway, because c’mon, it’s J-Lo.

Here’s how it works: based on what you like in various categories, the Qloo algorithm caters to your tastes and finds new things for you to explore. It’s a simple 2-step process and what’s great is that it’s all personalized. With Qloo, the possibilities are endless.

For the Art Junkie: NY Art Beat | Price: $1.99

NY Art Beat outlines all of the art and design exhibitions happening in the city, how long you have until they’re turned over, and a synopsis on what you will find at each exhibition.

That’s over 600 exhibitions happening right now,

right in the city,

at the palm of your hand.

For the Explorer: Central Park NYC Lite | Price: FREE

Central Park NYC Lite brings the park to you with every landmark found within the park, extensive history on points of interest, every path coordinated so that you don’t get lost, even a list of the nearest public restrooms, all on a neat easy-to-use multi-functional map and grid.

It’s time to explore the park more in depth.

And any true explorer does not leave the house without his map.

For the Social Aficionado: Time Out NY | Price: FREE

Hoping to get out and explore the city a bit more? Time Out New York’s mobile app is with you every step of the way. This is the NYC guidebook with information on live music, events, bars, restaurants, nightlife, film releases, musicals and more. And since we’re all on a budget, there’s even an entire section dedicated to specialty offers to help alleviate some stress for your weekend plans.

Happy hunting.

For the Food-Truck Foodie: Eat St. | Price: FREE

Based on the television series on the Food Network, Eat St. brings the city’s best food trucks right to your phone. You can discover new trucks, save your favorites, share with friends, browse menus, even watch the latest clips and get recipes from the TV show.

Adventure out, (with your phone in hand) to find the best street food.

*Access to all of these apps is through the iTunes App Store

(Photo Courtesy of Brookjenyc Photography)