The Life Arc (c. 2011)

Psychology of the individual.

May 18, 2011

The Life Arc

Stage One: Infancy; Bright Green, mostly white; Alive for 1 day.

Stage Two: Prematurity; Bright Green; Alive for 3,285 days. (9 yrs)

Stage Three: Introspection; Vibrant Green; Alive for 7,300 days. (20 yrs)

Stage Four: Argumentative Dreams; Light Green; Alive for 12,775 days. (35 yrs)

Stage Five: Retrospection; Greenish-Yellow; Alive for 23,725 days. (65 yrs)

Stage Six: Degradation of the Body and Mind; Brownish-Yellowish-Black; Alive for 29,200 days (80 yrs)

Day 1; Life begins in infancy.

We are nourished, clothed, sheltered, and above all, mothered. We are given a name to be addressed with and to grow into. We are buried in love from our siblings, parents, and grandparents. We are a budding flower.

Day 3,285; Prematurity.

Life is simple, a road that we walk down in curiosity. We have little troubles, small crimes, and a laziness to still play in the sandbox. Our flower is beginning to sprout.

Day 7,300; Introspection.

We are starting to understand our persona, our possibilities, our purpose, and ourselves entirely. We begin our search for our significant other, the one special person we want to share our lives with. We hope to gain insight into ourselves through this person, while also learning them. Our flower is almost at full bloom.

Day 12,775; Argumentative Dreams.

We have a career we are in the middle of. We are half way through our life, for the most part. We enjoy having dinners with our families, making dessert with our spouse, helping the children with their homework, and feeding the dog at the end of the night. We disregard the discrepancies from work during the previous day. We ignore our plain routine of early morning rising and the necessity of a morning cup of coffee and breakfast cigarette. We spend each day waiting for the hours to pass and the day to be over and done with. Our flower is a little passed full bloom.

Day 23,725; Retrospection.

We look back at our lives in skepticism and happiness. We think about what we would have liked to do in our younger years, what we would still like to do, and what we would have done differently. We cherish our fortunes for a good life. Our flower is leaning to its side, beginning to wilt.

Day 29,200; Degradation of the Body and Mind.

We look forward to spending our last days in this stage of life with our families. We continue the things we enjoy, and get our hands on anything to read or listen to that we hadn’t had the chance before. We take each day slowly, cherishing each breath, taking the world in with one deep inhale. Our flower is wilted, leaning toward the ground in a triumphant pose.

If I could paint the life arc, it would be a representation of the process of nature, specifically a flower, in the sequence of six colors. The infancy stage would be bright green, almost white. The prematurity stage would be the brightest green. The introspection stage would be a slightly darker green. The argumentative dreams stage would be a forest green. The retrospection stage would be a yellowish green. And finally the degradation of the body and mind stage would be a yellowish brown. Each stage would have the flower in its color and prime, representing the time of its life.

Everything in life incorporates love. Whether it be love in a job, love in a place, love in a person, or love in a life. Love exists through everything. Though, love cannot be defined in a singular way.

The idea of you and I: We are born. We live, whether it is propitious or unaccountable. Then hastily, we die.

That is the process of the arc of life.