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Born and raised in Northern Virginia.

Moved to NYC at 18 in search of the meaning of life. 


As a writer, it's interesting to see your change in pace as you grow as a person. I used to take the pessimistic side of an idea and years ago when prompted to write about the color white,

I wrote,

"white is absence."

When now, I would write,

"white is the basis of life, the beginning of the construction of a new format, made in passion, lust, inspiration, the theory for the reproduction of art."


Right then, I was thinking about painting on a blank canvas.

Instead of having nothing, or the absence of something.

I could feel life emanating from my fingertips. 


Maybe I've found it, the meaning of life. 

In the things that I feel, the people I meet, the places I go. 





Feel free to send me an email with inquiries regarding recipes, reading recommendations, writing, great places to be in NYC, or just to chat. I'm all ears.


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